Embrace Your LIFE

Change yourSELF

Are you experiencing low self esteem or worthlessness in your life, relationships with others or workplace where you don’t feel good enough, you feel apathy or numb, you don’t feel worthy or lovable, you don’t like your body or parts of your body?

Do you feel anxious, unable to relax, occupied with staying busy, while avoiding anything that makes you uncomfortable or challenged, putting it off and not being able to get things done, can’t get started in projects or tasks, unable to find the courage to face your fears, body feeling tense and restless, difficulties with falling asleep or staying asleep, worrying about things you can’t control or change, attempting to control everything around you and still feeling helpless and powerless to stop things or change them?

Are you going through periods of depression, low mood, difficulty with getting motivated, experiencing low energy, wanting to sleep all the time, overeating, going through feelings of deep shame, guilt, numbness, isolating yourself from friends and family and wanting to be alone a lot?

Have you lived through difficult or traumatic  life experiences that brought shock to your body, emotional distress and overwhelm where you are unable to cope, powerful triggers that run your life, intrusive thoughts or memories that make it hard to focus on your present moment experience?

Are you managing your overwhelm with alcohol, cannabis or other substances because that it is the only way you find some respite or stability in your life, do you feel judged by others for your way of coping, do you control or eating habits or use eating to cope with challenging emotions, do you get find ways to avoid and disconnect from reality to find temporary relief?

Perhaps you’re curious about psychedelic psychotherapy and want to get help with preparing and integrating psychedelic journeys because you’re feeling lost on your own, experiencing crisis or unable to manage the emotions that are arising, finding it difficult to live in this material reality, feeling misunderstood by others, trying to understand the experiences you’ve had without any success?

Maybe you have already started on your healing journey by doing your own research online or reading some books or listening to some podcasts on self healing or self improvement?  Maybe you have some experience with therapy already however, you found yourself stagnated or unable to get to the root of the problem and just managing the overwhelm that’s constantly arising from life stressors?

Are you a professional yourself helping others in various areas of healing and looking for some guidance in how to develop your practice to serve others in a holistic way, searching for ways on how to organize your practice or how to attract people that could benefit from your services?

Maybe you’re looking for some spiritual guidance around your healing and transformational process that allows you to step into the next level of growth, that gives you some direction on your spiritual path of evolution where you want to expand your horizons while feeling empowered, grounded, embodied and enjoying the pleasures of life in the present moment? 

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