Strengthen ~ Release ~ Integrate

My offering consists of a unique structure that incorporates trauma processing therapy with psychedelic integration support.  This process is influenced by various therapeutic modalities that come together in a process of flow. 

These include: Internal Family Systems, Mindfulness, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, hypnosis, somatic therapy, breathwork, Ego State Therapy and MAPS MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy.  

This model incorporates three main phases of therapy

Preparation or stabilization 

Here is where we start our work together as we strengthen your ability to cope through learning about self-regulation that allows you to be in control of your emotions, your body states, your thoughts and your reactions to your environment. 

Together, working collaboratively as a team in your healing journey, we develop a Self self-regulation plan that involves implementing self-regulation techniques so you can start to feel more emotionally and physically stable in your life. 

We also prepare you to strengthen your inner resources to get you ready to dive deep within yourself to discover parts of your personality and the role these aspects play in your life, whether you are aware of them or not. By learning more about yourself and expanding your self-awareness, you will learn how to offer self-love and self-compassion to alleviate any distress you may be experiencing internally quickly and efficiently that builds safety and security instantly. 

When we feel safe and secure, we are then able to explore the world in a curious way opening ourselves up to new opportunities.  We can also feel at peace inside and with this new level of calm, we can connect with others in a joyful, playful, loving and compassionate ways than we have ever before.  

Processing of distressing experiences 

In this phase, we agree upon a theme that we want to focus on.  We focus on something that is creating distress in your life, something that creates automatic reactions in you that you can’t control or a fear or block that interferes with your ability to create more expansion in your life.  For example, difficulties in relating with your partner, blocks in developing skills or career aspects that help you grow, fear of failure, fear of abandonment, fear of rejection, sense of overall worthlessness, etc. 

We then work on clearing the distress, the strong emotions and the triggers from this experience by getting to the root of the issue, usually found in childhood and adolescence. 

This process ensures that we stay in the safety of the container that we created together, where you feel fully in control of the whole process and can regulate yourself as needed to ensure you stay safe and secure. This is important as you juggle all your different priorities in life like work, school, family responsibilities, self-care, health needs, household maintenance and enjoyment of life.


Now that we have cleared a portion of the distress in your life, how do we ensure that you can integrate your new self into your current reality?  We look at different areas of your life that need attention so you can maintain the effects of wellness and stability. For example, how to build more assertiveness and exercise and healthy boundaries with loved ones and people in general, how to show up in life with more courage to face any challenge that comes up in life, how to be more carefree and optimistic learning how to enjoy life and your relationship with others, how to express yourself authentically without feeling bad for just wanting to be yourself. 

With the integration of these ways of relating with yourself and others, you can find yourself in a more relaxed state and open to life in a way that you haven’t been able to access before.   

These phases are not linear and chronological but rather cyclical and circular in nature.  Healing is also cyclical like the changing of the seasons and the forces of the cosmos.  We alternate between these phases as needed as each phase informs the work of healing and each phase is equally important part of the whole process.

For psychedelic integration support, we follow the same phases with a slightly different approach.  We can discuss this in more detail in our initial session.