“After my wife of 10+ years left me, I tried to do all the things you’re “supposed” to do to get over heartbreak: force yourself to leave the house, get together with and make new friends, throw yourself at new hobbies or challenges at work, etc. But no matter what I tried, nothing seemed to help. While those things brought some welcome distraction, when I was alone I just felt completely hollow and worthless inside; “stuck” while life passed me by.

Joanna worked with me over the course of several months to help pinpoint the traumatic events that initiated these feelings, bring them to the surface in full detail, and confront them head-on. She employed a variety of techniques—bilateral stimulation, focusing on body sensations, etc.—for this work, nimbly switching tactics as the nature of the trauma we were dealing with shifted around at any given moment.

Joanna is incredibly intuitive and perceptive, reading in the emotional energy in the room. This trait allowed us to not only to process the relational trauma for which I originally went in to see her, but also to uncover root causes from childhood of some of my self-destructive patterns of behaviour, and even gave insight about and allowed me to exit an abusive relationship in the present, as well.

I will never forget a particularly powerful session where Joanna was able to take a situation in which I felt completely paralyzed and helpless, and reframe it in such a way that I was able to take actual action about it in the present, thereby granting me some amount of control. The effect was immediate and dramatic. The “full” me who had felt encased in ice for years suddenly came back to the driver’s seat, and I could recall the events of that day without pain, or even tears.

While my overly analytical brain still can’t quite make sense of what exactly transpired that day, I can definitely say that I’ve felt immeasurably happier and at peace since then. I’m now focusing on building the life I want to build, unencumbered by chains from the past. Thank you, Joanna, for everything. You truly saved my life.


“For the past four years I have not been dealing with an ongoing, lingering issue in my life. One day, I decided that enough was enough, and I needed to seek help in a professional capacity to address the roots and consequences of this issue. When I walked into Joanna’s office, I was immediately graced with a perfect medley of professionalism and humanity that gave me the strength to share these issues. This strength and trust was what was needed for me to come to grips with what was holding me back in life. This strength and trust was also what made it possible for Joanna’s methods to work effectively. I can’t thank Joanna enough for her help. She is non-assuming, compassionate, and most of all, effective. Her ability to take EMDR principles and custom tailor them to her client’s needs is truly rare. Joanna made me feel like my feelings of self-doubt and insecurities were not qualities that define me. They were merely mental constructs that needed to be reprocessed as building blocks for a better, happier version of myself. If you are depressed, or dealing with something that hurts you on a daily basis, I highly recommend Embracing Change therapy’s methods to help you enjoy the same turnaround that I have. Beyond being a technician of her trade, Joanna is a compassionate listener and a motivating cheerleader that will surely show you the light at the end of your proverbial tunnel.”

”It is believed a woman is born three times: first, when her mother gives birth to her; second, when she gets married; third, when she, herself, gives birth to her child. But I was fortunate to be given birth a fourth time, when I met Joanna. I was going through a very tragic time in my marriage. I was drowning, slipping away slowly at the hands of death. But deep down I knew I was not in the wrong. I wanted to live. I had to live for my children. And my only way to survive was to separate from him. To end this marriage. About a year ago, we were sent to try marriage counseling. That is when I met Joanna, a counselor for both me and my husband. My husband was very hopeful that Joanna would be able to talk me into staying in this marriage. He repeatedly told her that I was ‘depressed’. But I am thankful to Joanna, as she noticed me submerged under the water (of despair); she saw that even though I might appear dead, there was life in those eyes. I saw her and I knew my savior had come. I saw my life through her eyes; my freedom through her eyes. As she spent more time with me she noticed my pain, my suffering, and that it was authentic. It was genuine. I was damaged beyond repair; I was broken into million pieces. Every waking moment I mourned the death of me and the person I had become. She noticed me not as a wife, a mother or a woman, but as a human being, something my husband had denied me of. Slowly she worked in restoring my broken pieces. With her gentle approach she tended my injured parts. Through her spirituality, she healed me.”